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Can we change astrological predictions about our future?

A woman's hands using crystals under an astrology chart considering the possibility of altering future predictions.

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  • Thank you for the tips you put on this site and for giving me some peace of mind. I say partly because I am still full of grief. An astrologer told me that the degree of my sustenance is in the 6th house and in the 5th degree, which is attributed to the sun, I should never count on my sustenance because the 6th house is a very weak house. And whatever it has, whatever planet or degree it has, like happiness or sustenance, and astrologers don’t look at the sixth house at all and actually say it doesn’t exist. I lost my parents to corona and I live alone and I work hard to make ends meet, but since I realized that I have no motivation anymore, I feel like I’m not achieving anything. He told me that if you get married, you will get divorced and your husband will die. And I feel that the same prediction will happen to me even now if I get married. And this has me completely frustrated and I need help.

    • Hi Fatemeh,

      I’m really sorry that you had this experience with an astrologer, and that you’re feeling frustrated. I am also very sorry for the loss of your parents – I personally know how hard that can be.

      As a professional astrologer myself, the sixth house is just as important as all eleven other houses, it simply represents another aspect of your life, and perhaps it would help you to learn more about the sixth house and how you can integrate the energies of yours better.

      I don’t think that making concrete predictions from astrological potentials is very helpful at all. Instead, try to look at the themes behind these predictions, and how you can turn them into strengths. After all, astrology is always about potentials, and what you do with those potentials is up to you.

      I wish you all the best.

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