About me

Nikki, The Sophic Pixie

I've been exploring my spiritual side in one way or another since I was a child.

From astrology to meditation, intuition to connecting with nature, I've been finding my own way in this wild world for years, trying almost every new age modality along the way. 

I also happen to be very practical, and not a huge fan of fluff, rituals or doing what I'm "supposed" to do, and my unwillingness to conform has served me pretty well so far.

Apparently, my big life lesson this time around appears to be learning to trust and follow my inner guidance. Still working on that one.

I love translating my knowledge into practical skills and outcomes, bringing spirituality down to earth, and helping to bridge our inner and outer worlds.

I also seem to have a knack for amplifying people's inner voices, and calling them forward to something more. People generally either hate me or can't get enough of me, but either way they can't stay standing still while I'm around.

I want to share what I've learned about spirituality along the way, including how to create a version of spirituality that's unique to you, in a very practical, hands-on kind of way.

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Wisdom Stirring logo

There's a number of different concepts represented in the design elements of the Wisdom Stirring logo:

  • The pointed shapes look like leaves or petals, which represents nature
  • The interlocking pieces are reminiscent of Celtic knots (I have Irish ancestry and a strong connection to the Celts)
  • The overall design looks like a flower, perhaps symbolising a lotus flower or simply my love of gardening
  • The repeated shapes around a circle with a dot in the centre resembles a mandala
  • The dotted patterns are suggestive of certain Arabic geometric designs
  • From a distance, the design looks like the model of an atom with electrons circling it, bringing in my science background
  • The purple represents the third-eye chakra, our intuition, wisdom and inner vision
  • The green represents the heart chakra, our connection to love, our soul and spirituality

So my logo, just like me, doesn't fit neatly into a single category, which is perfect!

To learn more about me, read some of my latest articles.

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