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Nicola smiling and wearing a green scarf.

About Nicola

Bachelor of Science (with Honours) in Genetics (minors in Biochemistry and Statistics), Graduate Certificate of Computing, Professional Certificate of Astrology, Reiki Practitioner III, Six Sensory I, Matrix Energetics II

I’ve been exploring my spiritual side since I was a young child. From astrology to meditation, intuition to connecting with nature, I’ve been finding my own way in this wild world for years, trying almost every new age modality along the way.

I also happen to be super practical, and not a huge fan of fluff or doing what I’m “supposed” to do, and my biggest life lesson is all about learning to trust and follow my inner guidance. Pfft.

I’ve also been making unconventional choices my whole life, and now I want to share what I’ve discovered along the way to empower you to take control, think for yourself, live authentically and create a more meaningful life on your terms.